Our internships are scheduled year-round, offering a carefully planned and structured learning experience with day-to-day support from our trained mentors. Over the scope of one or more months, our interns are practicing both teamwork and individual responsibility, while solving real life problems on our commercial, hands-on projects.

Join our team as an intern and access learning opportunities in the dynamic world of tech. Gain hands-on experience, work alongside professionals, and contribute to innovative projects.

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Winter Internship 2024

A good internship plan with a dedicated mentor and a supportive team provided me with an excellent starting point for exploring programming outside of university. Applying the acquired knowledge to a project enabled me to progress quickly and acquire new skills, including teamwork and communication. After two months, I can say that the internship was very beneficial and left a positive impression on me, motivating me for further career advancement.

Iva Dimitrijević
Faculty of Organizational Sciences
University of Belgrade

During my internship at RBT, I gained invaluable experience working in a cohesive team and applying industry best practices. Through tackling specific challenges and familiarizing myself with the latest technologies, I experienced significant professional growth. I was particularly inspired by the dedication of the mentors who encouraged us to strive for excellence. Having the opportunity to work with and connect with them was a true privilege. The realization that we are part of a team that strives for excellence greatly contributed to my professional development.

Merisa Harčinović
School of Electrical Engineering
University of Belgrade

Autumn Internship 2023

During my internship at Red Black Tree, I learned what it means to be part of a team and experienced project work from the perspective of a Backend developer. I believe that the internship was highly beneficial for me and will be valuable for my career development. Additionally, I would like to commend the team of mentors who were always available and encouraged me to think creatively and explore new approaches to problem-solving.

Luka Ilić
School of Electrical Engineering
University of Belgrade

Summer Internship 2023

During the internship at RBT, I gained a lot of knowledge that I certainly couldn't have learned independently at that pace. In addition to the technologies we used on the project, I learned a lot about how team collaboration functions. I met wonderful people and received valuable advice from both mentors and older colleagues/mentors. A warm recommendation to anyone interested in this internship to apply!

Vahid Uglić
Faculty of Technical Sciences
State University of Novi Pazar

During the internship, I gained valuable experience in project work, starting from the organization of teamwork to the implementation of a complete software solution from scratch. I liked the approach of mentors who generously shared their knowledge. The acquired knowledge and experience will be of great significance in the further development of my career.

Bogdan Milojević
Faculty of Technical Sciences Čačak
University of Kragujevac

Spring Internship 2022

The project I worked on was engaging, and during the internship, I learned a great deal. What meant the most to me was seeing what it's like to work on a real project in a team of several people and understanding the organization from the project's start to completion.

Đorđe Milinović
School of Electrical Engineering
University of Belgrade

Autumn Internship 2021

I really liked the concept where all of us worked together, while using Scrum. Also, we learned about good practices that are different and more realistic than the ones taught in college. Perhaps the most important part were the connections that were created, both among interns and employees/mentors. It was really a pleasure to work and hang out with everyone.

Mara Bolić
School of Electrical Engineering
University of Belgrade

Summer Internship 2019

I was pleasantly surprised by the friendliness and professionalism of all employees. The availability of all employees made the whole internship program very efficient. The mentors were very dedicated and available at any moment for additional questions, which in many ways had a positive effect on the work.

Aleksa Petrović
School of Electrical Engineering
University of Belgrade

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